An Evening with John Bates

Amanda seymour and John batesJohn Bates, CEO of Executive Speaking Success, is one of the most inspiring speakers I have heard in a long time. I recently attended his lecture, “Excited About Your Story? Tell It Like A Ted Pro” at Johnson and Johnson labs (JLABS) at the Texas Medical Center. He gave great advice on being a better storyteller. He culminated the evening talking about the difference between Luke Skywalker and Yoda when it comes to inspiring others. He wanted to inspire our inner Jedi, so he even brought light swords!

The world of executive consulting is full of informative experts. John is one of today’s best. But there is something different about him. He doesn’t just believe in what he is teaching. He genuinely believes without a doubt that his audience is made to do what he is teaching them how to do and then he helps them do it better. I have always believed the same about my clients.

I recently applied some of his training an techniques in my own presenting. And they made a world of difference for me and my audience!

Thanks, John! You truly are best of the best!

Find out more about John Bates here.

Book Signing At Church On The Rock


Rev. Jorge Cardenas and Rev. Amanda J. Seymour Church on the Rock
Pastor Jorge Cardenas (Church on the Rock) and Amanda J. Seymour (Deeper Love)

On February 19, 2017, I visited Church on The Rock, Katy Texas.  Pastor Jorge Cardenas introduced my book The Gift and ministry to the congregation.  I spoke on love and the importance of being able to discern true love from false love and that God’s love is meant to be our love and a thorough study of 1 Corinthians 13 leads us to a deeper understanding of God’s love which is what we need.

Church on The Rock is a multi-ethnic congregation in Katy, Texas which reaches the world with the unfailing truth and love of Jesus Christ.  Church on The Rock founded and supports many churches and ministries in Latin America and reaches the world with powerful messages of practical theology based on God’s unfailing word.  Join in their live streaming Teologia Practica service and teaching on Wednesday nights at 7 p.m. here.  Church on The Rock is a sponsoring partner for Amanda J. Seymour ministries.  Find out more at

Here are some photos from our visit.

For Immediate Release: The Gift

The Gift by Amanda J SeymourFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Contact: Amanda J. Seymour
Phone: (832) 856-5173


HOUSTON, TEXAS, February 17, 2017: Author Amanda J. Seymour gives readers a deeper understanding of love in her inspiring book, The Gift. Based on an expert theological investigation coupled with her personal quest to find the answer to what true love really is and what will make it last, The Gift details a new understanding of an age-old desire to find love that will last.

Readers interested in gaining a deeper understanding of love and how to apply it to their daily lives will benefit greatly from this book.

The Gift by Amanda J. Seymour, Th. M is to be published February 17, 2017, from Radiant Press. It is available on Amazon in print an Kindle versions, and wherever her books are sold. To learn more about Amanda J. Seymour and her new, fascinating title, visit

If you would like more information about The Gift or to schedule an interview with Ms. Seymour, please call the author direct at (832) 856-5173 or email

Amanda J. Seymour
Amanda J. Seymour,  The Gift


The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness LSC Feb 14 2017

What does it take to be truly happy?  Many people think if I just had more time I would be happy. If I just had more money, time, energy, better relationships… I would be happy.

But what we need most of all to be happy is focus. Find your focus and you’ll find your happiness.  Contrary to the misleading word itself, happiness does not just happen. It is not a matter of luck or chance only.  Rather, it is a beautiful treasure that we can seek and find.  But happiness is something that we must pursue.

When you pursue happiness, you will find it.

Yet how?

Often times we find ourselves engaging in activitieswe think make us happy.  Spending time on our electronics and with our tech toys – Smart phones, HD TV, gaming systems, Snapchat, Instagram, i’ll kinds of social media apps…

But after all the time you spend on those do you ever find that you walk away from your time spent saying to yourself, I don’t feel much happier after spending all that time on virtual social reality.

Here’s why:

We were made to see, hear, touch, taste, and smell. We were made to experience life and enjoy life through our senses.  We were made to feel.  

But we’re often so busy doing that we do not take time to pay attention to what we are feeling.  And that is where mindfulness comes in.  

Mindfulness is the act of paying attention to one’s thoughts and feelings.  To be mindful is to focus and be attentive to what you are thinking and what you’re feeling.   The key here is to pay attention to what’s going on in your mind, and to try to still and quiet it. And to do so you use your senses.

Many forms of meditation exist and various religions and cultures.  But what all meditation has in common is that it focuses on getting a person in touch with their physical self and their inner self.  When you stop, look, and listen – within – amazing things happen.  

Instead of feeling tossed to and fro by every responsibility and demand in your world, you feel peaceful and an inner gravity. Some have described this feeling as centered, rooted, focused, and grounded.

No matter how you describe it, let’s talk about how to get to it.  The first way to get into a calmer and more focused state, you must believe that you can.  

Meditation is not something meant for only highly spiritual or highly religious people practice. Rather, it’s a A gift of love and kindness and peace which is waiting to be given to anyone who seeks it.

Want to be even happier?  Smile!

The world’s expert on smiling, Paul Ekman, studied the psychology of and facial muscles used in smiling.  He came up with a comprehensive list of all the different kinds of smiles people give. 

These include:

The felt smile, which radiates contentment, is long and intense, and vase amusement

The flirtatious smile: during which the person averts their gaze in slight embarrassment

The pursed smile: during which the person  purses their lips to indicate shyness

And many more

The bottom line about smiling is that smiling makes us happy!  So if you want to be happier, smile

Amanda J. Seymour is an adjunct professor at Lone Star College and author of The Gift: A Deeper Understanding of Love.

The Gift

The Gift by Amanda J Seymour

My new book on love has just been published. It would make a great Valentine’s gift. It is already starting to make a significant impact in people’s lives. So exciting!

“In Amanda J. Seymour’s book, The Gift, she expertly investigates the meaning of love as described in the Scriptures and provides ample directions for giving and receiving the most powerful gift in the world. I recommend you take the lessons contained in this book seriously and commit yourself to developing the same traits in your own life. It is the most important endeavor you will ever undertake.”

Joan Hunter, Author/Evangelist

Founder and President of Joan Hunter Ministries

The Gift is a book which teaches people how to grow in deeper love with victims of abuse and human trafficking especially in mind.

Order your copy today!

Find it here on


Human Trafficking and The Superbowl

I spoke on a news channel about human trafficking and the Superbowl on Superbowl Sunday.  You can find a link to the groundbreaking study I referred to here.  That same day, a friend who works for United Airlines told me about a human trafficking situation related to the superbowl.  Her friend was on a flight from Seattle to Houston on Friday morning, just two days before the game.  Shortly before landing, the girl next to her leaned over and said, “Guess what I’m doing?!  I am going to the Superbowl – all expenses paid.”

The girl went on to tell her the story. She was a waitress at a restaurant in Seattle.  Two men ate at her table.  At the end of the meal, they told her she was such a great waitress that they wanted to give her a tip by sending her “all-expenses paid” to the Superbowl.  They asked for her contact information.  She gave it all to them so they could get her airline tickets.  They purchased her flight.  They told her they were putting her up in a hotel.  And they would have the superbowl tickets for her when she got to Houston.  Nice guys?  A dream come true? No!!!!  Based on all the signs and schemes, this is more than likely a case of human trafficking.

Traffickers will often tell victims a “too-good-to-be-true” story.  Yet the victims are often vulnerable or have not yet learned that if something doesn’t seem quite right, it probably isn’t and we should listen to that!  So the girl thinks she was going to the Superbowl, but chances are, she more than likely is going to be trafficked.

Thankfully, the passenger knew something didn’t sound right about the story.  So she contacted the airline and made a report to the local human trafficking helpline at (713) 322-8000.  Now, various organizations have been contacted who help to rescue human trafficking victims.  Hopefully they will be able to get that girl to safety.

If you would like me to speak to your company, group, or organization about human trafficking, abuse, or love and relationships, please fill out this form:


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New Study Says Over 300,000 Human Trafficking Victims In Texas

Credit: Institute on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault
Source: Institute on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

The Institute on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault of University of Texas – Austin recently published a groundbreaking study on human trafficking in Texas.  Careful research and investigation reveal over 300,000 victims are being trafficked in Texas.  This includes 79,000 children and youth and 234,000 adults.  Sometimes, people remark that it’s so awful children and youth are being trafficked but the adults should know better.   It is important to remember that both children and adults are precious and deserve to live lives of dignity and worth.  And many of the adults caught in the plight of human trafficking entered into the life at a younger age.  Find a link to the study here.

Find out more about human trafficking here.