An Evening with John Bates

Amanda seymour and John batesJohn Bates, CEO of Executive Speaking Success, is one of the most inspiring speakers I have heard in a long time. I recently attended his lecture, “Excited About Your Story? Tell It Like A Ted Pro” at Johnson and Johnson labs (JLABS) at the Texas Medical Center. He gave great advice on being a better storyteller. He culminated the evening talking about the difference between Luke Skywalker and Yoda when it comes to inspiring others. He wanted to inspire our inner Jedi, so he even brought light swords!

The world of executive consulting is full of informative experts. John is one of today’s best. But there is something different about him. He doesn’t just believe in what he is teaching. He genuinely believes without a doubt that his audience is made to do what he is teaching them how to do and then he helps them do it better. I have always believed the same about my clients.

I recently applied some of his training an techniques in my own presenting. And they made a world of difference for me and my audience!

Thanks, John! You truly are best of the best!

Find out more about John Bates here.